Voodoo Spells

Voodoo Spells


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Voodoo Spells
Voodoo spells are very powerful and should be used with extreme caution and secrecy for they can even backfire and may cause dire consequences to you.
Here are some Voodoo spells are given which can be used be a common man. Please be careful and do not try to misuse them anyway. It is highly advisable to consult with Guruji before using them.

Voodoo love spell to get your lover or ex back
This ancient South African voodoo love spell is very powerful and should be used with extreme caution, for it can backfire and cause disappointment in one’s life. Begin with burning a sock full of dried white roses in the darkest hour when the Luna is at its fullest. Then mix the ashes with the powdered bones of a pigeon and a pair of eyes of a bird. On a Friday night, make a small wax doll to symbolize the man or woman from whom you desire love. Mix a small bit of blood, nail clipping or hair from the intended lover with the wax to give the doll powder. To make it even stronger, dress it in a piece of fabric obtained from the clothing of the person whom the doll is made to represent. After the doll has been made, light a tall, red candle. Tie a red string around the doll and then sprinkle a bit of the love powder over it and say:

For security reason and to prevent it from misuse, the Administrator has not published its full procedure. You can directly contact to Guruji to know its full procedure and for further queries as following:

White Magic

White Magic
White magic is simple and easy to use and bring result at an early stage. Islam gives you dead shot solution of your all problems.

Life is not a bed of roses. One has to bear a lot of troubles in his life. Evil spells are very common these days. Almost everybody is affected by spells one way or another. Your near or dear ones are those who cast such spells on you in jealous feelings.

Feel free to contact Guruji as following to ask a question or solve your all problems. He will guide you all.

Videshan Mantras

Videshan Mantras are used to create bloody fights between two or more individuals by creating higher misunderstandings between them. It causes enmity among the targets.
शक्तिशाली विदवेषण मन्त्र (Powerful mantra for creating differences or fights i.e. Videshan)
आक ढाक दोंनों बगराई।
अमुका अमुकी ऐसे लड़े।
जैसे कुकुर बिलाई।
आदेश गुरू सत्य नाम को॥
Mantra in English:
Aak dhak dono bagrai, amuka amuki aise lade jaise kukur bilaai, adesh guru satya naam ko.
Procedure: -Take some dry woods of butea monosperma and one fresh leaf of Aak tree. Write this mantra with black ink on this fresh leaf. Go to a lonely place and light fire there with the wood. Throw this leaf in the fire reading this mantra. It would be better if you do so 108 times. Soon there will be fights between the persons.
मित्रता विदेषण मन्त्र (Mantra for creating differences between friends or lovers)

ॐ नमः आदेश गुरू सत्य नाम को
बारहा सरसों तेरहा राई
बाट की मीठी मसान की छाई
पटक मारू कर जल वार
…….फूटे, देखे न…….द्वार
मेरी भक्ति गुरू की शक्ति
फुरो मंञ ईश्वरोवाचा।
Mantra in English:
Om namah adesh guru satya naam ko, baarah sarson terah raai, baat ki mithi masaan ki chhaai, patak maru kar jal vaar —-1—- phute, dekhe na —-2—- dwar, meri bhakti, guru ki shakti, phuro mantra ishwaro vacha.
Procedure: -Take some yellow mustard and its seed, fenugreek, dry woods of mango tree and butea monosperma and bring some ash from the cemetery ground. Mix all these things and perform a yajna or homan giving 108 ahutis. There will be videshan between two individuals.


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