This mantra too can be used to control

 This mantra too can be used to control

 This mantra too can be used to controlCall Anytime For Free Assistance +91 8059046337

(“Om Chimi chimi Swaha”)

This mantra too can be used to control the enemy. Procure 7 red chillies with branch. Light a fire. Recite the above mantra adding name of the enemy before the word “Swaha” and put one chilly in the fire. Repeat 7 times for 11 or 21 days. For enemy this should be started on Tuesday or Saturday. (Free help guru ji +91 8059046337)


2. Om bhagwati bhag bhaag dayini devdanti mam vashyam kuru kuru swaha.  (Free help guru ji +91 8059046337)

Procedure: – This mantra is used to control a lady. Use her name name in place of “devdanti”. Energize the salt seven times by this mantra on Thursday in pleasing manner and give it to the lady in food. Soon the lady will get attracted towards you.

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