Guranteed Vashikaran Specialist

Guranteed Vashikaran Specialist


We are a guaranteed vashikaran specialist in India; you can bring a visible change in your life after using our vashikaran services. It will help you become more successful in every aspect of life. Now a day’s Life of the people is quite different from what it used to be two decades ago, today everyone is in some kind of race to achieve everything and they want to get success immediately. Keeping this in mind, we provide guaranteed vashikaran to attract someone towards you with positive intention. Here are some of the most effective rituals of vashikaran we are discussing with everyone.

How would you practise meditation for vashikaran? Collect the picture of that person whom you want to take vashikaran, remind that the picture should be clear. Take a picture at a distance so that when you sit on aasan, the picture will be there in front of your eyes. For at least 5 minutes keep focusing on the picture. And feel or think about that person whom you want to take vashikaran. After some time you will feel that the ritual which you have just completed is successful and the person will start getting attracted towards you. This ritual should be done early morning before the sun rise. Although we provide vashikaran services with guarantee but the success of this ritual is highly depend on your confidence, focus and determination level. After 3 or 7 days you will start seeing the result.

How to Break the Black Magic?

Want to break the Black Magic done by your enemy on you and return it back on the same person. Casting attack back Spells is the best way to do it. Yes with the help of this spell black magic will go back and affect the person who has done it or get it done on you by some tantric. Doing black magic on someone a person doesn’t like is very common practice in our society.

Here is the process of breaking Black Magic or Backfire Spell ritual:

In the Morning before sunrise chant 21 mala for 21 days with red sandalwood rosary. This will activate the spells power to break the black magic.

Now when required, chant this spell 7 times and keep on staring the water. After that just offer this water to drink to the victim of black magic. This ritual will attack or return back the black magic and your enemy will have the same bad affect.

Anti Black Magic Spells

Our Anti Black Magic Spells Ritual will be very beneficial If you are feeling that someone has done black magic on you and you are facing various problems in daily life.

How to perform the ritual of Anti Black Magic Spell?

Start from Saturday night and do it daily on next 21 nights, Chant this spells 21 * 108 times to activated the spell’s power. Now when require chant the spells, exhale and draw the circle around yourself or around a complete group to make everybody completely secure.

Anti Black Magic Spells make you safe from bad affects of any kind of black magic.

How to Destroy Enemy By Spells Ritual?

This is lord Hanuman Shabar Mantra to remove or destroy the enemy from root. Once this will be completed enemy cannot survive.

Mantras to stop enemies

Ancient Hindu remedy to defeat enemies
Powerful Mantra to destroy enemies
Mantra to make enemy leave his home and run away
Mantra to make stones rain on enemy house
Mantra to control enemy
Mantra to suppress an enemy

Experiment to subdue enemy

Uchchatan Mantra to remove enemy from your life
Uchchatan Mantra to remove enemy from your life – 2
Effecctive Uchchatan Mantra Experiment

Ganesh Uchatan Mantra

Most powerful mantra to kill and destroy enemies
Maran Mantra to kill enemies
Tripura Sundari Mantra to Destroy Enemy
Mantra to divide enemies
The Mahabhairav Videshan Mantra
Bhairavi Stambhan Mantra for Enemies
Aghori Videshan Mantra Prayog
Mantra to turn enemy to friend
Mantra to silence enemies
Mantra Tantra Yantra to Destroy Enemy Mind
Chamunda Mantra to Shut Enemy Mouth
Mantra for Business Enemy Defeat
Mantra to remove ex-lover turned enemy
Mantra to protect against black magic by enemy
Mantra for black magic by enemies – 2
Mantra to separate two persons by creating enmity
Maha Navarna Videshan Mantra
Most Powerful Videshan Maha Mantra Tantra
Agni Purana Mantra for enemies
Agni Purana Mantra to immobilize enemies
Mantra to make Enemy Lose Concentration
Hanuman mantra for enemy protection
Hanuman mantra for enemies during travel
Mantra to protect your life from enemies
Mantra to bring enemy under spell of attraction
Mantra to stop enemy gang
Mantra for Protection from Enemy Weapon
Mantras to remove corruption
Hindu Mantra to Destroy Evil – 2
Hindu Devta Mantra for Enemy Destruction
Muslim Mantra to Remove Enmity
Shiva on Maran Mantras
Tantra for Hidden Enemy
Most Fearful Destruction Mantra Tantra Yantra
Indian Tantra for Removing Enemy Troubles

The duration of the process of enemy kill ( maran ) anushthan is 5 days and you will get 100% result and satisfication. Fees of enemy kill ( maran ) anushthan  is only 11000/-rupee ( advance ) there is no side effect of enemy kill ( maran ) anushthan .

For enemy kill ( maran ) anushthan  you have to send  enemy name and photo. All these details  you have to send us on our email id.

KAMANDLI  baba ji belongs to a family of  tantrik astrologers as his father & Grand father was also a great tantrik astrologer of their time. He is a famous  tantric astrologer having astrology in his blood. He has many clients from abroad and india who are satisfy with his predictions and remedies.

Baba ji is specialist in enemy kill ( maran ) anushthan.


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